About Us

Little Pleasures is a small independent company whose primary focus is to help women and men understand their sexual self. We are passionate in our belief that each person deserves to live the sexual life that they desire.

For many people, wanting to expand their sexuality is commonly associated with negative feelings and thoughts. We wish to aid in dispelling that negativity by providing a safe, comfortable, and informative environment where women and men feel free to be themselves.

Little Pleasures is constantly researching sexual products and matters so that we can offer the most up to date information available. Every product found in the LittlePleasures.org online catalog meets our quality standard. We do our best to fulfill special requests of items which are not found on our site and/or offer suitable, quality substitutions.

We offer direct and discreet shipping with all orders and have a full line of products available in our online catalog for easy and convenient shopping.

Because we are an eco-friendly company, we re-use and recycle packaging materials as much as possible; which is not only great for the environment, but keeps your shipping and handling costs low.